125 page Comic Book for

LOVE the Movie

Photos clipped from film footage
then adjusted and manipulated in Photoshop.

Layout and text done in In-Design

Extensive knowledge of musical trends for period designs.

Click image for larger view

Strong Organizational Skills!


The images below were created for a web site selling editable Tithe Envelope templates
in 3 sizes to churches. In order to function on the web properly, the 100+ images I created needed:

• 2 In-Design files (Comp and Static)
• a PDF file of each
• a PNG file of each

= 6 files per design

This means 600+ files had to be highly organized so an automated web site could manipulate them.


Church Donation Envelopes and Landing Pages

In the interest of space, these images are all rollovers

Landing pages showing different desings

Pin Card and Pins for showing Thanks to congregation members

The rollovers show how the files are given to the printer who imprints them with requested text

Pin Cards Pins

The above files were incorporated into

You can view my designs by clicking the link.

Although I did not design this website. 80%+ of the images are my creations.

A couple designs I didn't know where to put:


  Retractable 2' x 9' banner for trade shows